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We are Dalyrium Bay, a Folk Rock band born in Udine in 2019.
Our music is energetic and irresistible, made to rock your event and make people dance in a playful environment we never fail to create.
Our songs are a mix of rock and folklore (mazurka, afrocuban, balcanic music, swing...) with sounds that recall other genres like surf and metal. Since 2020 we've played a lot around Friuli Venezia Giulia and in 2022 we've finally landed outside our region, always finding great involvement.
On July 9th we had the honor of opening the Gogol Bordello concert in Palmanova, a wonderful experience that opened us doors to the professional world and therefore to the life we dream for.

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You can count on us if you are looking for someone who makes music that we walk the talk, we guarantee it!

Freccia in giÙ

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Giovanni LeoneSottolineatura rossa


Scorreggio un sacco
sul palco

Gabriel PinoSottolineatura rossa


Non so se ci sarò a prove,
devo fare i compiti

Giacomo BiasuttiSottolineatura rossa


Qualcuno ha visto
il mio cuore?

Giovanni SabotSottolineatura rossa


Vai a scaldarmi
la foresta *burp

Julian GalindoSottolineatura rossa


Boh, chill...
ci sta

Mattia ZampaSottolineatura rossa


Ok, ci penso e te la dico